Mia Niebruegge
Director. Writer


Mia Niebruegge grew up outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She received her BFA in Film Production with a minor in Film Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Moving to Los Angeles in 2006, she worked in development, production and distribution on several feature films. Independently, she produced the award-winning short film APPLEBOX, and wrote and directed the short film STRANGERS IN A FAMILY. Immediately before coming to AFI, Mia coordinated post-production on the FOX drama series “Wayward Pines.” 

After years in the industry, Mia decided to pursue her dream of directing, and began earning her MFA in Directing at AFI. She graduated in 2016. Mia focuses her storytelling on complex, real-world family dramas and finely realized observations of character and relationship. She believes we can gain a better understanding of ourselves and others through film.

Mia has a voice of distinctive commercial potential. You can see its appeal. And you know how committed she is to her craft. She works quietly, attentively, thoughtfully, as you would expect from someone who articulates silence to such effect, but her imagination and invention are loud.
— Peter Markham, Senior Filmmaker-in-Residence at AFI